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You Can Only Appreciate What You Deserve When Your Humble

"It's easy to interpret the receipt of whats given and attribute it to your legitimacy when you refuse to recognize your own shortcomings and natural inabilities. You can only truly appreciate the things you don't deserve when your immerged in humility."

Don’t forsake the fact that anything you’ve gained was at the hand of someone giving you an opportunity. When we make the most of those opportunities and see the successes from our contribution, it’s easy to ride that wave and forget how it came to be and who was essential in making it happen. When you stay humble and low to the ground, you are more intimate with the blessing because you are reminded hat you have flaws like the next man and that the opportunities given should not be taken for granted. Begin to appreciate the things you have with more fervor because someone else is working on their breakthrough and you don't want it to be at your expense.

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