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Effective Communication Prevents Assumption

"Effective communication prevents assumption. For the lack of more can be seen as an act of war causing both sides to collide over an invisible divide. The lack of action in one direction doesn’t prevent movement in the other. Communication is a two way street."

Assumptions are the roots to mis-understandings. When you make something true without all the relevant facts, you have placed misguided intentions behind what’s been assumed. The only way you can know what someone is thinking is when they reveal it through word or action. Effective communication on your part can foster and cultivate that information for clarity. However, failure to do so will only lead you down an incorrect path. You then become just as guilty as the other party for not communicating your thoughts and confusion. Just because someone else doesn’t communicate effectively, doesn’t mean you can’t. In fact, sometimes people have to be shown how to properly communicate. If you are someone who struggles with communication, consider how that’s played a part in your relationships and determine what you can do better.

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