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Legs Are Nothing Without Feet

"Legs are nothing without feet and arms useless without shoulders.  In other words, isolation is defeat and most don’t realize it until they are much older.  To maintain your direction, you will require a connection. So do not be so calloused to the point you've lost touch, for that will cause you to fade in your own reflection."

It’s often easier to want to do things yourself or be alone in your own space to get things accomplished.  Honestly, sometimes it actually might be.  However, we as humans were not designed to be in isolation.  That holds true socially, emotionally, financially, and pretty much every other facet of life.  When going for a goal the idea is to be in control enough to see talent in people that can assist you.  Build a team and a mutually beneficial relationship so that there’s an incentive for all parties involved to be at their best.  Otherwise, you end up on an island, forcing yourself to do things you normally wouldn't in order to survive.

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