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Be A Benefactor To Your Beliefs, Not A Prisoner

"A person believes in something because they have proof or hope. The latter can create patterns that serve to assist in the fruition of the believed position. Yet hope and reality exist at two different heights so u must ensure that what you hope for is something that gives life. You should be a benefactor to your beliefs, not a prisoner to them."

When you hope for something you do things to put yourself into position to attain it. Whatever it is, you have shaped your lifestyle into either getting it or maintaining it. Yet, plenty of people set their hopes onto things that have knowing or unknowingly taken them on a road that results in them negatively impacting themselves or others. Weigh the priorities in your life to determine if you are sacrificing or enabling things that you can't come back from. You cannot take back time spent, so make sure your actions on your journey to attainment abide by a healthy moral code. That kind of freedom is the only way you will be able to efficiently progress towards fulfillment..