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Wisdom Is Gained Through Experiences, Not Appearances

"Wisdom is gained through experiences, not appearances. For the process of age leads some to believe they’ve turned many a page, when in reality their ignorance has bound them to many a cage. As misery loves company, young fools turn to old fools. One must verify the facts when receiving lessons from old schools."

We are always told to look to our elders for guidance and wisdom. I too, have said that and believe that. However, I also believe that you should check the source of that advice for validity. Does that person’s life reflect true of the advice they are giving? Is that advice positive and progressive? Some people have made the same mistakes over and over again and thus have lived their lives with a ceiling on it. At this point, they then only give advice from a limited perspective. If the elders in your life aren’t giving you wisdom based on lessons they’ve learned from their mistakes, then you should really analyze the benefits of their advice. For some people will give you advice that simply puts you in the same cycle of mistakes they’ve made because that is all they know.

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