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"A Person Isn't Honest, Just Because You Haven't Seen Them Lie"

"You don’t know what a person is capable of until you see them react to life. For most people mask their instincts and act in denial until they are placed in a situation that threatens their survival. Simply accepting the mold ignores what’s inside and deceives the eye. For a person isn’t honest just because you haven’t seen them lie."

It takes time to truly know and understand someone. There are so many factors that make up a person’s psyche that you won’t be exposed to all of them when you meet someone. Most people put their best foot forward in their social settings, especially when dating and at the work place. However, over time you will see people encounter different situations that force different sides of them to come out. It’s those moments that new characteristics are revealed and you are either pleasantly surprised or disappointed in what you see. That is merely the process of getting to know someone. Yet, you must take this into account when making initial an initial judgement of a person’s character. Give it time before you decide a person is this or that, for just because you haven’t seen a characteristic displayed, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.