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Someone Has To Pave The Way

"Most sacrifice what is right to get what they want while maintaining the likeness of the righteous. Yet the portrayal of virtue is short lived when those decisions lead to contradictions between how you talk and what you did. The road of the righteous is far less traveled meaning someone has to pave the way."

It’s human nature to be self-serving and some would call it survival. With that said, there are a lot of people who understand perception and put on facades necessary to gain what they deem necessary for survival or pleasure. Yet, that type of behavior will always end up exposing that person for who they really are because they will always leave a trail of contradictory results. Sadly enough, there are way too many people who behave this way to the point that it, in my opinion, is the status quo. However, the type of lifestyle that believes in integrity, honesty, giving, showing love, etc. as way of life are rare and needed ever more. Anyone reading this could be that person for the people in their circles of influence and I charge you to evaluate and determine if your current attitude and point of views reflect that ideology.

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