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Gain Control Where You Lose It

"Understanding where you lose control is the first step to gaining it. For many people execute a powerful offense, but fail to defend or suck at maintaining it. The crevices become gaps and the holes become entrances to allow reoccurring instances that may confuse others on what your intention is."

We all have our pet peeves or things that trigger us to heightened levels of annoyance or anger. When these things occur, we tend to lose our control over our emotions and sometimes behave in ways that cause pain or shame for others and ourselves. Yet, because we generally conclude that we are good people outside of those instances, they are treated as random occurrences as opposed to areas of concern. When these type of personality flaws are left unaddressed, they grow into the very characteristics that ruin our reputations and destroy the trust we’ve gained with people. When you know what sets you off, don’t live a life warning people not to trigger you. Instead, take that energy inward and find ways to disarm those emotions altogether.

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