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When Suffering, Seek The Appropriate Physician.

"When your suffering be sure to seek out the appropriate physician, for when great enough, we will seek any doctor to serve as a proctor and don’t question if healing is their profession. Don’t seek advice just to suffice, pursue moves that soothe."

Life has a unique ability to create tailor-made complexities for our lives. Tragedies occur for no reason and we are left to pick up the pieces and attempt to put our lives back together. It is common in these situations that people channel their emotions in destructive ways seek ideologies that fall in line with their emotional state. However, getting the appropriate help when it’s needed is the key to bouncing back. I emphasize appropriate because it's easy it's those alternate routes that trap us in years of drama and confusion because we haven't been implementing positive and helpful principles in our lives. It’s easy to get in the cycle of victimization when bad things happen. However, there is a period to soak in what happen and there is a period to move on. Seek the people and things that help you move on and progress, for staying stuck in a bad place will only enable more bad things to happen.

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