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A Clear Conscious Is A Cool Pillow

"The non-sense attached to a cluttered conscience can be the reason your always in a rainy season. For your actions towards friends and enemies carry certain energies that surround your environment and infuse within your remedies for the complications you keep facing. A clear conscience is a cool pillow in a hot room with no window."

When people have secrets and things they are ashamed of, they tend to alter their behavior to protect themselves from exposure. Sometimes it’s not obvious, for those things are obviously tucked away. However, when topics and questions become too close for comfort, you can easily see the energy and behavior change due to the emotional barriers that have been triggered. I’m not saying air all your business out, but I am saying that if there are things weighing on your conscious, then you need to relieve yourself of that pressure and get them off your chest. Holding that kind of burden only causes stress and ultimately physically and emotionally unhealthy. It’s much easier to live when the truth represents you and you lack worry of any type of exposure.

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