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In What Kind Of Soil Are Your Seeds Planted?

"A seed draws from the soil it’s set in.  Therefore, the health of what’s grown is dependent upon the environment it’s sewn.  Granted it’s not always up to the seed on where its planted.  However, in making sense of your harvest, you must understand it.  Sometimes it’s the ground, but it’s usually the gardener.  In what kind of soil are your seeds planted?"

When putting your efforts and time into something, it’s important to evaluate and determine if what you are investing is capable of being worth the sacrifice.  As it’s always said, you don’t get time back and sometimes people spend a lot of it watering and giving life to things that won’t grow because of the environment they are in.  It could be other people in your circle or maybe it’s your own mindset, however, if you don’t have the necessary elements surrounding your investments to make them flourish, then you are simply wasting time and resources.

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