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Perception Is Reality Regardless Of The Actual Truth

"Perception is reality regardless of the actual truth. For the lack of time to understand one’s mind leads to conclusions based on what on what they visually find. The fact it’s unfair should encourage one to care about the image they show. For you will be handled according to what they see and not what you know yourself to be."

The person you display is the person people think you are, despite the person you think you may be. People don’t always get the luxury of hearing your story to understand why you do or say the things that you do. They don’t always know why you may be moody that day or carry the disposition you do on a polarizing topic. Therefore, you should pay more attention of what you do and say because those things reflect your mind state. When you think about how you may be read or misread, you make different decisions that could potentially benefit you or save you from misunderstandings that negatively affect your well-being. You can’t blame someone for believing the cover because that is all they have been acquainted with.

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