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Creating Distance Brings You Closer To The Clearer Picture

"Perspective is based on the information collected from the angles in which you perceive. Yet it’s possible to believe that the picture you conceive is imprisoned by your scope of vision. However, creating distance, in an instance, can create a scene that you've never seen. Sometimes creating distance brings you closer to the clear picture."

When you feel passionate about something it’s easy and often encouraged to go all in. Depending on what that thing is, sure, that is valuable advice. Yet in conjunction with that advice should be to periodically unplug to step back and assess the validity of your path. It’s very easy to be so focused that you somehow veer off course because you failed to adjust when everything else did. It’s still possible to accomplish the same things in alternative ways if your flexible enough to incorporate a different perspective into your game plan. It always seems that whatever plan that ends up working is completely different than the initial plan. You can facilitate that change or learn the hard way, but you will find that it’s always beneficial to pause for the cause.

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