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Temptation Is The Enemy Of Focus

"Be alert when you work towards something of worth. For someone’s urge to subvert can grow exponentially as you put shovel to dirt. They throw seeds that plant adverse needs into your soul, intending to draw you away from your goal. Temptation is the enemy of focus."

It always seems that when you are all fired up about something and motivated to make change and progress, you are encountered with temptation and little things to shake your focus. It’s usually in the form of people, but it could be something we’ve read, seen on television, or a number of other things. It’s very important to be aware of this dynamic, especially when you are trying to accomplish something of value. People may knowing or unknowingly doing this, that's why you have to be in control. We live in a selfish society and everyone is looking out for themselves and trying to come up on the next person. Don’t allow someone or something to deter you from what you were meant to accomplish because you were pushing their agenda. When you are aware of the type of pitfalls to be aware of, you move differently.