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Make Your Own Dinner Plans

"To a person with a pantry and chowder, your hunger may roar louder. But do not expect your nutrition vision to crank up their kitchen engine, for if on another man’s table you wait, you will always end up dining late. Prevent thinner hands by making your own dinner plans."

There are a lot of people who sit around and wait and pend their entire futures on hand-outs and hook-ups. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with networking and benefiting from the opportunities that come from it. However, to benefit from those opportunities, you would’ve had to have been prepared first. Doing your part in making things happen is the key. When you wait for someone else to teach you, guide you, or open the door, you will end up waiting forever. You have then placed your future in someone else’s hands. Pursue your goals and bring those people along the way, but don’t allow someone else’s time and effort to dictate your progress.