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The Minute Your Put Progress Last, Is The Minute You Last Progress

"Life is about progression in a positive direction. Therefore, self-reflection is necessary to expose areas of imperfection. It takes courage to clear that static, hence many being content with the reception and never striving for a better connection. The minute you put progress last, is the minute you last progress. "

In order to keep up with life successfully, one must be able to adapt to change. However, the only way you can properly do that is through self-reflection. Change will expose where you are weak or unfamiliar. This is the exact reason most people do not like change. Change for some is very daunting because it means learning something new or moving outside of their comfort zones. You see many succumb to the challenge and remain in a static state growth because of it. Always look to better yourself, for it will make those areas of weakness or unfamiliarity stronger and thus more adaptable to change.

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