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Don't Push The Swing

"Stress and drama have beginnings and ends, but many times you find yourself in the middle, unable to determine where it begins and ends. The blame can be placed on every circumstance on the shelf, but what most don't do is take a look at self. Is the swing moving on its own or do you keep pushing it?"

There’s a principal in physics called cause and effect. This principal applies in not only science, but also in our daily lives. Some people constantly find themselves in the midst of drama and negative energy and can't understand why they can’t escape it. However, in most cases if those people were to examine their behavior and emotional choices, they could identify things they did that potentially started or attributed to their negative energy. Actions have reactions and how you react to a situation truly determines the course of the outcome. I’m not saying that all the drama someone may go through is their fault, but what I am saying is that sometimes there are habits and behaviors that don’t work in the name of peace, but of defense and survival. You attract the energy you put out and if you find that you are always defensive with your guns ready, you will attract the same kind of people to you.

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