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You Become Taller With Your Shortcomings

"We spend so much time trying to do what’s right that it’s left us wondering where we went wrong. For the pressures from the pursuit of perfection actually produce the imperfections we stumble on. Accepting your faults makes you whole, for you become taller with your shortcomings."

A lot of the times we put so much pressure on ourselves to do the right things in every situation, or succeed at everything we do. The pursuit of perfection is fine to a degree, but you must afford yourself the room to make mistakes because that is the only way you will grow. When you hold yourself to an impossible standard you actually create more anxiety and pressure because you always feel like you are failing or falling behind. When you accept the fact that you aren’t perfect and that mistakes will be made, other people will accept you too. At that point you’ve become real and therefore relatable.

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