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Tranquility Is Based On Emotional Agility

"The ability to achieve tranquility is based on your emotional agility. For the tests of our character seem to outnumber infinity, while the amount of patience and energy seems to keep diminishing. Yet, when it’s understood that bad comes with the good, you learn to balance the scales from your passes and fails."

Life is uniquely designed to test us where we are weak. Without knowledge of life’s uncanny ability to cause stress and drama out of nowhere can easily overwhelm us and knock us off track. The more we try to right the ship and get back to place of peace and progression, the less energy and motivation we have to keep fighting to do so. Yet when you understand that turbulence is inevitable, your mentality will change to prepare to face challenges instead of succumbing to them. The outcomes of the situation’s life will bring are all dependent upon your ability to adjust to them enough to maintain a level of progression so that you eventually overcome it.

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