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Preparing For Change Isn't Preparing To Be Changed

"We are more often the same soul amongst new surroundings, than a new soul in the same ones.  For it’s easier to adapt your ways than to renew them because one course allows you to alter your old ways, while the other only accepts that you lose them.  Preparing for change isn’t the same as preparing to be changed."  

Some of the things we want to achieve in life require us to change.  Our goals may require us to change our behavior, our mindset, our outlook, and in general our lives.  However, on the road to reaching our goals, we make compromises with change and only change certain areas we are comfortable with.  Therefore, we proceed thinking we are making some progress, while in reality we are only prolonging and even halting the process.  When we understand that change requires the complete dismissal of the things that are holding us back, we begin to realize how much further we have to go.  Embracing a mindset of renewal and the value in growth and change is the only way to fully unlock your potential.