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Clarity Is Found When You Conquer Your Former Self

"People spend time and energy to rid their lives of their enemies, even though their demise is staring back at them through their very own eyes. False claims of wisdom cause their downfalls with no intervention or help, because that clarity isn’t found when you conquer another man, it’s found when you conquer your former self."

One of our biggest adversaries in life is maturity. Every day we have choices on how to behave and handle situations. As we experience things and hopefully learn from the good and bad from them, we are supposed to use that to add pieces to life’s puzzle. However, if you never find the pieces in your experiences, you will proceed through life with gaps in your roadmap. Other’s will navigate with more precision and you will wonder why they don’t run into the same road blocks. In order for you to become your best self, you are supposed to improve upon your old self. People grow in age naturally, but growth in character is a process to be embraced.