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Don't Catch Feelings, Release Them

"Anger is the fish that takes the bait of your emotions in a testy situation. The more you try to reel it in, the harder it works to get away. However, in the sport of fishing you release what you catch, even its your feelings. So when you find yourself struggling to reel it in from a confrontation, cut the line and release the situation."

Managing your emotions is one of the toughest challenges a person can face. The problem with emotions is that they feel so real that you interpret them as truth. However, making decisions in that “truth” can have negative impacts on your life. For emotions fluctuate by the day and decisions made on yesterday’s emotions, can cause messes for you to clean up today. Sometimes we lose so much control when engulfed in heightened emotional situations that we do damage to our reputations and cost ourselves opportunities and relationships. Do not buy into the notion that you can go through life always doing what you FEEL like doing. You can be certain that there will be consequences for your actions, so don’t allow a temporary emotion to create lasting damage.