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It Just May Be You And Not Them

"Understand that your silence can be loud and your words can be empty, but the memory of your energy can unwittingly create an enemy. For it’s not what you say or do that leaves the impression on someone of you, but how much of you they identify as real in conjunction with how you made them feel. It just may be you and not them."

People forsake the energy that they give off. Just because you don’t say something, doesn’t mean you didn’t communicate that thought. You can say whatever you want to say, but if that person got a different feeling from what was expressed, then you have failed to properly communicate your emotions. Everyone, of course, is entitled to their emotions and can’t control them as easily as others in reactive situations, I get that. However, if you realize you are always being misunderstood, then it could very well be that you are assuming people see you the way you see yourself. We justify many of our emotions and subsequently the actions that stem from them and never take responsibility for the affect they’ve had on others. Observe those around and you determine if their behavior towards you matches what you feel you deserve. If not, take a moment to determine how your actions are being perceived.

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