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Set Your Boundaries

"Don’t frown a brow at someone for doing what you allow. For the ability to set boundaries isn’t a matter of if, but of how. Therefore. it’s your duty to review your estate and determine where to build the wall and where to build the gate. People will violate your yard, climb trees, and pitch tents if you’re not protected by a fence."

None of us really have the ability to control what someone does. As much as we would love for people to meet our expectations, they usually don’t. In a lot of cases we put our trust into people and situations with high expectations in play and neglect to protect ourselves from the worst-case scenarios that tend to play out. When they actually happen, we are left wounded and confused from the disappointment. However, people will only do what you allow them to do. It’s good to have healthy expectations, but they must be reasonable based on the factors involved in the situation. You must know where you are vulnerable and how to protect yourself so that you do not face set-backs from violations you could’ve prevented.

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