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Know The System To Overthrow The System

"A system is only successful because it can predict the behavior of its elements. To further fine tune performance, anomalies are tracked in error logs as evidence. For if those anomalies become “probably’s”, then the foundation on which the system is built turns to silt. You have to know the system to overthrow the system."

There are plenty of things wrong with any given system, for no thing is perfect. However, we often find ourselves frustrated and speaking out against different types of systems that we are affected by, yet seem to fail at making any real progress towards change. These systems could be relationships, work environments, and even society itself. Plenty of effort can go into changing systematic behavior and expectation. However, it’s not about the amount of effort someone puts in, it’s about the kind of effort someone puts in. You must understand a system to know where it’s vulnerable. It may not take much effort at all to see the change you seek. However, you must put in the work up front to understand the elements that make up the system. If you want to survive and maneuver efficiently, it will benefit you to learn how the system works.

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