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Can't Change What You Refuse To Confront

"They say if you knew better, you'd do better. But one must admit their lack of intuition to have that saying come to fruition. For if you never address where your failures reside, they become difficult to find and even more difficult to hide. Shifting the blame won’t get you what you want, as a you cannot change what you refuse to confront."

I feel like a lot of people honestly try to change and are sincere in their efforts to do so. However, when there’s lack of sufficient progress they get frustrated and wonder why. Usually it’s due to the inconsistent nature of their efforts and the unwillingness to really face their weaknesses head on. Changing lifestyle, mind state, and energy requires one to expose themselves and to be vulnerable. It’s not always easy to admit to areas of weaknesses, for we tend to justify ourselves versus viewing ourselves from the outside looking in. The more direct one is with themselves and others, the better chances they have at actually gaining positive feedback and progress towards the improvements they seek.

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