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There's No Future In Your Fronting

"If it takes one to know one, then portraying someone your not will only portray the phony you are. For life will put you in situations to determine if your really that way, exposing the true character for display. There's no future in fronting, for the present will always bring you back."

When you are trying to be something you are not, the thing you are trying to be will recognize your inauthenticity immediately.  Yet many people who live their lives this way never understand that people already know their truth before they do.  Those people and life’s uncanny sense of humor will put you in situations that require certain responses from the person you are portraying yourself to be.  More than likely those people don’t respond appropriately and thus expose the gaps between what is and what should be.  For whatever reasons those people deem it unnecessary, however it is so much easier to be yourself in the end.

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