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Beware of Detours

"Maps and blueprints show how to get to our destinations, yet we take alternate routes that detour through different locations. The journey isn’t necessarily wrong, you've just stayed at the wrong place too long. There’s no shame in following the steps ahead of you, but are you really trying to get there? Or just like to say it’s a place your headed to?"

Anything authentic can be described as reality proving intent or theory true. Therefore, there will always be evidence to the existence of that intent if a person is being honest. Pay attention to not become those who speak about progress and accomplishment, but never actually achieve anything. Sometimes, we talk a good game to convince ourselves, and others, that we are progressing through life. That creates a false sense of security and achievement. As with anything else in life, seeds produce fruit. If you are guilty or guilty of engaging and supporting people who speak of accomplishment and progress but never advance, understand that it’s easy to describe the route to your dreams in great detail and still never get there. Traction requires action, start walking!

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