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Being Defeated vs Quitting

"You will only know what your limit is, once you've reached it. For everyone has a breaking point, but are considered whole until they've breached it. There’s a fine line between quitting and defeat and its drawn by the methods you use or don’t use to retreat. Knowing where you stop is also knowing where you can begin."

When it comes to trying to reach a goal or achieve an outcome, we are always told to give our all and never give up. However, when that effort is extended and your resources begin to diminish, notions of defeat, failure, incapability, and uncertainty all begin to seep into our minds. It’s at this point we begin to question our mental and, maybe even physical, fortitude. With all of that said, there is in fact a point in which we can no longer endure, yet your mentality up to that point is what makes all the difference. There is still honor and pride in being defeated. It simply indicates that there is something or someone out there better than you and now a new threshold for achievement has now been established. The attitude of improvement to establishing one’s confidence and standing can all be birthed from a defeat. Yet a quitter’s attitude will only limit the ability to overcome after the desired outcome was not reached. For a quitter will not believe they can or desire to push themselves passed their limits and thus place ceilings on what they can achieve in life. When you reach that breaking point, honestly ask yourself if you were defeated or if you quit.