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Nurture What Nurtures You

"Don’t breathe life into things that live off negative energy. For every time you exhale, they inflate with all the nonsense that negates your progress. Nurture what nurtures you or find yourself starved and scarred."

I think this statement applies in the realms of reactions. Many times we are emotional in how we respond to things and fail to realize that we have in fact, incited the negativity even more by the way we reacted. That reaction in turn receives a grander reaction and the cycle continues until someone loses. When someone loses, it’s not just an “L” in the column. Losses in this realm mean divorce, unemployment, jail, etc. The self-satisfaction received when setting caution aside and removing your filter, can quickly result in your own emotional and physical pain. It is important that we understand that correlation, for many don’t and don’t realize why their outcomes are never ideal when they are involved in emotional matters. Instead maintain your filters and sacrifice satisfaction to direct your energy towards peace and progress. For those things will come back to you and add more value to your life than anything you can do in the lane of self-gratification.

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