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Upgrade Your Security

"The person you are and the person you want to be are obviously two different people. Yet for the former to become the latter, there must be chatter regarding the vulnerabilities of your intrinsic matter. For old defenses will leave you defenseless against game plans towards keeping you the same man. Upgrade your security to rid the impurity."

We all have an idea or a vision of the person we want to be. However, we all have things about ourselves that serve as distractions to us achieving that vision within our desired timeframes. In order to make substantial progress, its necessary to self-reflect on the areas we are vulnerable and determine what we can do to improve and protect ourselves from the outcomes of their exposure. To be clear, I am referring to vulnerabilities in character like anger, selfishness, esteem issues, etc. For if we do not address these things, our defenses against those things will only serve to be useless because the opportunities to be exposed in those areas will never go away, they will only evolve. Life will find new and inventive ways to rouse your emotions, it will get easier and easier to put yourself before others, and people will take new lengths to make you feel how they want you to feel. If we want to change, we must begin by addressing one vulnerability at a time, secure that area of our lives, and move on to the next one. This is a constant process, because again, everything evolves and it is our job to protect your path to improvement. Therefore, the idea is to make a routine habit of securing our areas to ensure we are able to move without unnecessary impediments towards our better selves.

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