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Can't Reach A Top, Without Starting At A Bottom

"Don’t be so far in the clouds that your feet lose touch with the vines. For through air you can land on mountains, but from the ground you must climb. Be inclined to remind yourself that you can’t reach a top if you never started at a bottom."

Humans were blessed with the ability to think. With that gift comes brilliant ideas that come to fruition to change and shape the world we live in. On a more personal level, we all have dreams that our specific and unique abilities can and will change the world. And they can. However, many of us forsake the amount of time and work that goes into making a brilliant idea come to reality. Everybody wants the quick win instead of the stable success. However as in video games, when you progress through levels, the threats and opposition become tougher. The only way to beat the game is to gradually become better through multiple defeats until you learn from your mistakes. The person you must be to get to the top must be refined through the process of stumbling and recovering. There’s nothing wrong with seeing the end first, however, you must understand that your acceptance of the journey is what will ultimately get you to the top.

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