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Its Not Always Them

"A person's reaction is their emotional response. It’s typically not premeditated and a direct reflection their thoughts. So when your intentions or approach do not match the feedback you receive back, speed back to the initial action to determine if your energy broached or coached. It’s not always them, it’s sometimes you."

We all lose sight of our surroundings a little when we become emotional. At those moments expressing yourself and needing to be understood are the most important things in life. Depending on what that emotion is and how you express it, you can do real emotional damage to people and relationships. If not affecting people, you can affect situations and even your opportunities by how your energy affects the room when you get emotional. Yet, from one point of view a person is merely trying to express themselves, as they are entitled to do so. That in itself is true. However, a lot of people are reckless with how they express themselves and hide behind the guise of just “being real” or knowingly being harsh and relying on the constant apology to justify their actions. If these type of occurrences become patterns, people will begin to treat you differently and you may not get the courtesy of knowing why. It’s in these moments you can reflect in to determine if you are helping or hurting a situation by your reactions. Be aware of how you affect people, because it ultimately affects you.

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