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Your Differences Have Purpose

"Explore what’s unique within you, for there you will find wealth. Apples and oranges are inherently different, but both promote health. Many plans can achieve the same goal, so execute patience and watch yours unfold. Your differences have purpose."

There’s nothing wrong with following a blueprint to get a goal achieved. However, at some point, inevitably, there will be unforeseen things that come along your journey that the blueprint couldn’t predict. These are the opportunities for you to inject your personal influence from your life experiences into to the plan. Too many times people mimic another and try to achieve their goals the same way someone else did, not taking into account the things that other person had to do or lessons they had to learn to progress towards their goals. It’s okay to want the same things and follow a different path. You weren’t meant to fit into someone else’s shoes because you have your own.

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