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Stability Is In Logic, Not Emotion

"When feelings run strong, emotions lack the ability to be undone, yet despite the intensity, your reaction determines the outcome. For every action has a reaction, but every reaction doesn’t have to be of action. Stability is determined when you let logic show, not when you let your emotions flow."

Self-control is an aspect of life we all struggle with to some degree. There are so many areas of control that one must exercise that it is and can be exhausting. However, it does not negate the fact that our actions do have consequences and our efforts to encourage peaceful outcomes is still a responsibility. Life will continue to move and come at you, if you want to find peace amongst the chaos, you have to find ways to not only prevent the negativity, but to create positive outcomes for yourself. That can only be achieved by being stable in your emotions and not reacting to every situation that comes to disturb you.

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