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Break The Trend, Have A Hand To Lend

"There’s a lack in ample examples to sample when it comes to moral codes and travelers of high roads. For selfish themes traverse through memes and media schemes to encourage ploys and plans that do not help another woman or man. Break the trend and have a helping hand to lend."

The theme of our society is to be happy at all costs. People can leave massive trails of destruction in their individual quests for happiness. Now I am not saying that we shouldn’t strive for happiness, but what I am saying is that everyone should have a limit to what they will do to achieve it. It’s ironic that most people actually find their happiness when they stop focusing on themselves and spend their energy helping others. Our instincts are to take, so when we give, we apply balance to our lives. Happiness is not in the attainment of things or goals. Happiness is attained when you’ve achieved peace within that balance.

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