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Listen to Comprehend, Not Reply

"Communication is essential to give or get a glimpse inside one's mental. Yet many fail at the success of it because they fail to realize the rest of it. For most people listen with the intent to reply, not to comprehend. It isn't talking and listening, but watching and positioning to find your way in."

It’s easy to understand a person if you just listen to what they say. A person’s words are reflections of their thoughts and what a person thinks manifests into what that person does. Yet many times, we don’t pick up everything a person is putting out through how or what they communicate. We receive things that trigger responses or reactions to the immediate message, or maybe a portion of it, but not the global one. This prevents us from putting the full picture of the message together because we are only dwelling on certain pieces. When communicating with a person, gather all of the pieces to put the picture together before you make a decision on how to respond. The complexities of people add layers to what they say and it is important not to forsake that. Accurate approaches will render more results than immediate ones.