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Tolerance Requires Strength

Tolerance to some is only prolonging the inevitable. While for others it’s a tool to prevent something regrettable. Either perspective describes and provides a period of patience for maintenance. You tolerate to prepare or tolerate to withstand. Either way you must be strong to hold on."

Every day we are faced with situations that require our patience. Depending upon the people involved, the circumstances, and the length of time required, having patience can be a real burden. It can be an even heavier burden if you don’t understand why you are exercising that patience. For having a clear picture of the “Why?” can allows you to better discern the “When” to practice the patience. Some situations require your action and if you are just being patient to be patient, then you may be missing opportunities to make progress. However, don’t forsake the fortitude required to mature in the area of discernment, for it will require effort and consistency after you’ve failed a few times. Yet still remember that patience is a means to an end, not a necessarily a permanent state.

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