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Don't Forsake The Value of Timing

"Your two cents can be worth gold if you know when to invest it. However, most of the time we try to make deposits when the money wasn’t requested. Therefore position your submission to be received without tension. Don't forsake the value of timing."

Most of us feel like we have all the answers to other people’s problems. For one, it’s a lot easier to be objective about a matter when you aren’t directly feeling the effects of it first-hand. Two, it’s a lot easier to be honest about certain principles in life when you aren’t the one being guilty of them, or at least in that moment. However, if the person you intend to receive this message, never asked for it, the advice can backfire. What was meant to be an honest critique or solid advice is interpreted as judgement and condemnation. Everyone deals with their issues differently, so you must understand when it’s appropriate to offer your advice so it can be received and take root in that person’s thoughts. In these moments, more attention should be paid on how to get them to hear, instead of just being heard.

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