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Speak Truth In Love

"There is a calm when you speak truth in love. For there is security when approaching a situation without emotional obscurity. Facts are acts of reality that live despite discussions of its actuality. Being that love is the only emotion that exists in purity, the lack of it in speech will incite, not teach."

I think everyone can be fair and say that there are only a handful of people that we would let talk to us a certain way. Some relationships have proven themselves to be granted the privilege to be completely honest with us, good or bad, and we accept it because we trust that they have our best interest at heart. Those people gain that trust because they tell the truth in love. Adding love to the atmosphere of that conversation lowers the walls of defense and allows the advice to be heard. On the flip side, if you are the one giving advice to someone, whether that relationship be close or not, this principle still applies. We run into difficult truths everyday with people we don’t know and aren’t close with, but still have to convey the same honesty. Even still, love conquers all. Even if that what you’ve said isn’t received well in that moment, any person can respect the fact of how you presented the information after the fact, for if done with love, they can find no fault in you. You can also rest in the fact that you spoke your truth with the best intentions at heart. The objective is for them to receive what you have to say. So if how you present your information creates friction, you have to determine how much love was presented with your message.

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